Chafik Sabiry
General Manager
HP CDG IT Services Morocco

Chafik Sabiry Chafik Sabiry is a Moroccan General Manager in charge of the joint-venture between HP (Hewlett Packard- US public company) and CDG (Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion – Major financial institution in Morocco).The joint-venture gave birth to a new leading company named “HP-CDG IT Services…Read more


Alain Beauvieux
General Manager
AMI Software

Alain Beauvieux began his career at IBM where he spent 10 years and occupied several positions, in particular, directing a team of engineers specialised in the development, sales and marketing of software for speech processing and translation….Read more


Nasser Kettani
Chief Technology Officer
Microsoft Middle East and Africa

Nasser Kettani is graduated from French Orsay University, in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science. He has over than 28 years of experience in the IT and software industry working for leading IT companies including Rational Software, IBM and Microsoft. He spent most of his career in Europe…Read more