Daoud Ait-Kadi

Daoud Ait Kadi, Full Professor, Laval University, Canada

Topic :
Analytical Models of Queue Management : potential applications in Hospital Management

Biography :

Pr. Ait-kadi holds the position of Full Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Laval University. Since 1991, he has been Director of the DESS Program in Industrial Engineering. He is also responsible for the development of the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering program. Since 1996, he has been a permanent member of the Network Organization Technologies Research Center (CENTOR). He has been the scientific director of the center for 4 years.

He is also a founding member of the FOR@C research consortium for wood products and the recent interuniversity center for research in logistics and transport (CIRRELT). Prof. Ait-kadi is currently leading a team of more than 20 researchers. It maintains collaborations with several research centers around the world.

He has signed and co-authored several well-known scientific journal articles and a book on stochastic processes. He is a member of several scientific committees for both in peer-reviewed international journals and international conferences.

Pr. Ait-kadi is an expert in the field of reliability, maintenance, integrated logistics support and the design and management of value creation networks for industry and the scientific community. He is a senior member of several societies including IEEE and IIE. It receives substantial financial support from Canadian granting agencies and the industry. Professor Ait-kadi has received several distinctions in both teaching and research.