Ouafa Kathir

Ouafa Kathir, Head of Program within UN and International ICT expert within World bank

Topic :
From Big data to Artificial Intelligence : The digital disruption happening now

Biography :

Ouafa Kathir is The VP Regional Managing Director Middle East, North & West Africa with an international ICT consulting & research firm. She also works as Head of Program within UN and acts as International ICT expert within Worldbank.

An accomplished executive leader with business acumen offers extensive experience with vision and success in strategic planning and analysis within the ICT sector.

She has a long professional career for over 24 years includes progressive leadership within the ICT industry covering up to 50 locations. Proven track record of success in strategic planning, market analysis and technology tracking. She elaborated several publication and research on digital transformation, Big Data, Cloud, Smart city, AI….

Poised to provide exemplary leadership and drive. Through successful leading, coaching and behavior management training, have successfully led numerous teams to achieve top performance in many different capacities.

Ouafa KATHIR is also head of Arab women Network & IT working for gender equity through ICT and empowering women. She acts as Member of the Regional Advisory Council for Arab State under UN for Youth leadership program.

Ouafa Kathir holds a PHD in Digital transformation, MBA, MPM, MGSS and several other certificates