Robert Bierwolf

Robert Bierwolf, VP Conferences, IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society, US

Topic :
Managing Change and Business Transformations in the era of Digital Innovation

Biography :

Robert Bierwolf, SMIEEE (2015). Graduated at Delft University of Technology (1987), Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Computer Science. Robert currently holds the office of VP Conferences for IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society (2015-2019), Chair for the IEEE TEMS Benelux Section Chapter, Chapter and Affinity Group Coordinator for IEEE Benelux Section. In his industrial career, Robert held various senior management position for projects and programs as well as line- and operations management roles, with some thirty years of experience in doing interim-, program- and project management jobs at typical large organizations (e.g. KPN, Cincinnati Bell, Philips) in various sectors (e.g. Public, Telecom, Automotive, Infra) and is founder of MBBI bv. Currently, Robert is pursuing a PhD around the theme of “Towards Project Management 2030”.

Technology, innovation and managing change are the themes that have lead throughout Robert’s career. Hence the presentation for ICTMOD 2018 will be about “Managing Change and Business Transformations in the era of Digital Innovation”.