Special session 1 : Technology and Optimization to face a pandemic

Chairs : Omar Souissi, Mourad Oubrich

2020 will mark undoubtely history forever with the covid19 crisis, a pandemic that has affected almost the entire planet, causing several millions of people infected and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. And because we have faith in science and man can use it wisely to deal with pandemics such as covid 19 and as part of our bi-annual ICTMOD conference we are opening a session on the theme « Applied Mathematics and new technologies to face a pandemic « . Thus all the research works dealing with the impact of covid19 on human lives, social, enviromental and economical issues are invited to submit their paper no later than June 15, 2020.

Contacts : souissi@inpt.ac.ma / oubrich.mourad@ciems.ma